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Collaborate, Automate, Accelerate

Automated Tour Management

Collaborative Site Analysis and Scoring

Integrated technology to help you identify the right space, more simply.

Early Stage Diagnostics

Spend more time evaluating what spaces will actually work for you vs. iterating your way to what you need through mis-fires.

Identify the Best Spaces

Get key stakeholders aligned earlier on what you need from your space.

Ensure that all stakeholders are informed in real-time on how your space searches are progressing and how each option is being collectively scored.

Reduce the Brain Damage

We've Got You Covered

Intuitive technology that handles the coordination for you!

Allocate more time directing your team down the path of success vs. wasting countless hours collecting information and scheduling activities.

Team-Based Reporting

Collaborative and evidence driven site reporting means seamless communication flow and quicker decision making.

Start shaving time off of your leasing process today

Realize More High Value Impact!

We're here to help free you from getting bogged down in these time wasters and:

  • Achieve your objectives faster
  • Wow your leadership and clients
  • Know you are securing the best performing spaces

Let us show you just how we do that.

In order to: 

  • Close deals
  • Identify properties
  • Dispose of properties
  • Get the best space to serve your clients' business on time and on budget 

Hey commercial real estate practitioners, we have experienced the constant challenges you face.

Every day, you power through incredible backlogs of:

  • Meetings
  • Coordination
  • Analysis
  • Negotiations
  • Approval seeking


Needs Assessment

Manage the Tour

Collaborate with your transaction teams to diagnose needs and criticality.

What You Get


Set Tour Criteria

Drag and drop properties into our app, map them, score them, and easily collect additional site information.


Size Up Market Options

Automate scheduling and coordinating amongst all parties so you can spend more time on what matters most.



Automatically set up tour schedules amongst all involved parties.

Collaboratively determine how sites should be evaluated and aggregate team-driven scoring.

Automate Schedules

Identify Best Option


Leverage analytics and reporting tools to drive real-time space selection.

Start shaving time off of your leasing process today

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MindIt Technologies is an enterprise SaaS company creating workflow optimization, automation, and intelligence applications for commercial real estate professionals.

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Matt Osborn, Product & Strategy

11 year commercial real estate veteran

and senior practitioner at CBRE; $2B+ in transaction experience; portfolio optimization strategies for global organizations (100MM+ square feet)

Mike Krickler, Sales & Marketing

20 year enterprise technology sales veteran

and senior roles at Noble Systems and Nortel Networks

David Greenberg, Technology

15 year software development veteran 

and senior practitioner at Accenture, PWC and JP Morgan; built trading and energy arbitrage applications 

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